Digital newsrooms in action

This blog has talked before about how the digital revolution is shaping our traditional newspapers and affecting the journalists that populate and serve them.

So, for milnemedia’s 1000th post, it is only fitting to return to the subject again.

Today Roy Greenslade over at Media Guardian goes one better by visiting the newsrooms of three papers where they have not just embraced the changes, but made it a cornerstone of their development.

For those interested in such things, it is well worth a read.

But as other news groups and editors still struggle to come to terms with how to marry staff with technology and wrestle with the temptation to create some kind of all singing all dancing all money saving robo-hack, the piece includes some much needed sanity from editor James Montgomery.

He states: “We do not want to make beat reporters into jacks of all trades.”

If progress is to clamber along the long road to progress, it needs to do so hand in hand with quality.

Only by respecting the sentiments from those like Montgomery, by ensuring the expertise of one skilled profession isn’t photoshopped completely over another, will that be possible.

Additional skills for all are to be welcomed, but not at the cost of making others extinct.

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