Race for the White House

The UK Press is often maligned by the great British public.

Yet it remains the best in the world.

In an anorak-y kind of way, I think nothing to picking up papers when abroad just to see the difference, and most days hit the Net to look at editions in the States, Australia and New Zealand.

Maybe I should simply get out more – but I enjoy it – so there.

Today was a good day for looking across the pond, given the first major result of the 2008 Caucuses – or party votes to you and me.

The New York Post gives Barack Obama’s win in Iowa some good old fashioned sport with a front page montage, while the New York Times lends it suitable gravitas.

Yet the British papers who have recently invested heavily in the States including The Guardian are punching their weight too and not just in the UK – but with Guardian America.

It should be a fascinating encounter now, and one that should perhaps have those who bullied bean-counters into heavy investment into the States breathing a huge sigh of relief.

The result in Iowa is one that really raises the prospect of Barack Obama inching his way to becoming America’s first ever black President.

It could happen, but whether it ever will is anyone’s guess with so very long to go. You can bet a red faced Hillary Clinton won’t take defeat into third place behind John Edwards lying down.

And that’s before you even start to consider Mike Huckabee and the Republican party.

It is perhaps shameful that in this day and age the prospect of a black man – or a woman – becoming the President of the most powerful country in the world is news.

Then again, how many blacks, Asians or other ethnic communities are represented in our own dear Scottish Parliament today?

What the UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown does next will be just as intriguing, given the special relationship the countries share.

Who he quietly send abroad to glad-hand, the leaks that will surely come in the Press.

It’s a long way to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW.

And millions of more written words to come.

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