Are newsrooms fit for purpose?

As the battlelines are drawn for the online newspaper market it won’t just be the journalists that will need to adapt.

But for a few notable exceptions, newsrooms across the country will need a major facelift all of their own.

In this changing IT world, few are currently fit for purpose.

After all, what’s the point of having a talented writing, photographic and production staff if the machines they use are still being powered by steam.

Some former colleagues I know still struggle with computers that can barely open attachments to emails without them crashing, let alone allow them to upload online content.

As for memory heavy images….forget it.

It is a constant frustration for many reporters these days not to be able to access content online that would help speed up the process of researching breaking news stories.

But it seems that finally the bean counters may have worked out that good systems are a necessity, not a vanity product, in the battle for web dominance.

At least two major newspaper publishers I know of are currently conducting clandestine tests on next generation systems with a view to ditching their old products.

It seems unlikely others aren’t doing the same, with purpose built recording studios also on the cards.

And it won’t come cheap, with hundreds of terminals potentially needing replaced.

With them will come the usual disclaimers about use on company time, the odd firewall.

But it will be a massive change in the way they work.

Which can only be good for us, the end users, as well as the workforces at large.

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  1. It’s about bloody time. I’m not going to name names about how archaic some systems are – we’ve all seen them and worked with them, but the real question is going to: will staff get properly trained up and if so, will there be any resistance to the new high-falutin’ digital offerings?

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