gets redesign for the New Year

It seems not content with playing about with their national newspaper, Johnston Press are about to relaunch their multi-award winning website


Thanks to its former editor Stewart Kirkpatrick, you can view the proposed new look here for yourselves in the form of a beta site that is being used to canvas opinion.

And while many of the elements that made it such an industry success remain, it appears the designers maybe have a bit of work to do yet on their unfinished web symphony.

Stewart, quite rightly, takes great pride in what he and his small, no doubt under-resourced team achieved at, taking it from an unloved element in the news-room to an award winning extension with more than four million unique users a month.

Yet despite having moved into new projects, he at least has the courtesy to remain dignified and respectful of the staff who remain even though his “old friend” is about to change forever.

And that seems to be a rare quality in media these days.

Too many are quick to bad-mouth or criticise former employers when the ride stops, forgetting that friends and former colleagues become a part of their diatribe.

It’s a small village we live in, and things won’t always go the way we plan.

But as things change, so do people, opening up opportunities that might not otherwise have been there before.

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