Are bloggers really killing the planet?

Here’s food for thought as you log-in today – you could be contributing to the one BILLION tonnes of CO2 we computer users are apparently pumping into the environment.

According to Global Action Plan, computer users account for at least 10% of the annual energy consumption in the UK.

The investigation, details of which appear here at, also suggest that one in three of us never turn our computer off.

Of course, you could always just watch it on Sky instead, assuming you’ve left the Sky Box on too, that is.

But it’s a fair point, badly made.

How many of you out there always switch your PC or Macs off everytime?

At home? At work?

I know I don’t, preferring the sleep mode to shut-down.

So why hasn’t it bothered me when it should?

After all, I recycle my papers, cans and other rubbish; we’ve got a compost bin in the garden for waste; do our washing at 30-degrees using eco-friendly liquid; and are even debating becoming a one car family and losing one of the petrol guzzlers in favour of letting the train take more of the strain.

Yet, I like to have my laptop handy and ready for action just in case I want to casually surf the web, check my emails – hell, write a blog.

At work, upstairs in the study, waking the machine from sleep is so much easier than a full reboot, and damn the consequences.

But herein lies the problem.

There really could be consequences, whether we like it or not.

So tonight, at least, I’ll log-out and log-off.

But as sure as the sun returns to the lonesome ocean, I’ll be powering up again come the break of dawn, whatever the global warming weather turns out to be.

And maybe, only maybe, wondering how much of it’s my fault.

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