Cluttered Desk – Craig McGill finally gets blogging

After much, much hand wringing, Craig McGill has finally joined the blogging world.

Picture_3_4And about time too.

His maiden post appeared last night on his new site Cluttered Desk which promises to be entertaining reading in the weeks to come.

He’s chosen the eye-catching ready-to-use ‘Talian’ template from Virtual Assistance for Business adding a touch of class.

It’s among the better CSS structures updated to meet the requirements of host WordPress which seems to be the hottest ticket in Blogtown just now.

What’s particularly attractive about this format, aside from the general structure, is the developer’s use of tabs across the top of the script page which are far more user friendly than some of the basic blogging tools on offer to non-Pro users.

Helpfully the man behind VA4Business, Steve Arun, also has his own business blog offering his range of free CSS Theme Frameworks for the more discerning user.

Never one to miss a trick, Craig has even found space in this layout to advertise his own books, which would make a welcome stocking filler to, er, umm. Somewhat worryingly, Craig reckons his work on Munchausen by Proxy would make the “perfect Valentine’s Day pressie”

Craig actually has four books under his belt now, an indicator of his industry, packing in jobs as reporter and sub editor on a number of newspapers along the way, before finally being lured to the dark side as a PR consultant at Beattie Communications.

More than that, he’s good, engaging company which bodes well for his new blog.

Many a night has been spent discussing the finer details of life over a drink or two, and if his writings are as interesting as his ramblings, as I’m sure they will be, we’ll all be onto a winner.

The biggest surprise is how long it’s taken him to join the online club considering he was probably Googling for stories before he was breast fed.

One things for sure, he won’t be slow in making up for lost time, which makes his a very welcome addition to the Recommended links on this blog.

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