What’s black and white and read all over?

The first story I ever sold to a newspaper was about a crash, a bad one.

I was still at school and studying a media studies course at a nearby college when I walked past a car that had been flattened by a lorry, cops and mercy crews all over the place.

To me, it looked pretty dramatic, so I called the newsroom at the Edinburgh Evening News, back when it really was the local evening paper instead of the London Evening Standard-esque clone it has become.

Answering the call was a journalist called Scott Douglas who took the various details, my address, said his thanks and hung up. A few hours later the tale appeared in the paper under his name, and I’d discovered journalism.

I was hooked a month or so later when a cheque for the tip landed on my schoolboy doorstep, beginning a truly beautiful friendship that endures today.

So in some ways Scott played a major part in my getting into the trade. Or as I like to remind him over a cold ale or two, it’s all his fault.

It’s only fair then that I try and pay him back in kind by welcoming him to our little piece of cyberworld after he decided to take the plunge with his own blog.

He’s even attended courses, investigated the various options available, and is dead set on getting to grips with it to ensure it becomes another must read in his glittering award strewn career.

But being busy running a successful news agency AND one of Scotland’s most respected PR agencies is no mean feat, so the trick will be how much time he can devote to keeping it updated.

Knowing how much Scott enjoys writing for the enjoyment as well as the practicality though, I have no doubt at all that he will find a way around that in the same way he was able to bash my own fledgling copy into shape many moons ago.

So bookmark the blog now, because it will be well worth coming back for.

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1 reply

  1. Cheers for the namecheck Shaun!
    Does that mean you’re expecting another cheque?
    I’ve not got the mighty resources of the Evening News behind me now, though.
    Maybe you’ll accept a pint next time you’re through in the Wee Smoke.

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