Media Guardian’s gone to the blogs

If there’s one thing journalists like better than news and gossip, it has to be news and gossip about other journalists, even ones they don’t know.

Which is why Media Guardian is a site that we hacks visit at least once, if not several times a day.

Generally it breaks ‘journo’ news ahead of most others, and has become something of an old friend.

But this morning, yikes!

A new look – you know, a bit like when a mate with long hair suddenly comes in having had a number one to shore off their locks.

The design certainly looks crisp and modern, and perhaps more in-keeping with Guardian Unlimited which suffered, sorry, underwent a similar revamp a while ago.


What is very clear, is a change in emphasis on blogs within the site.

Guardian has led the way for many years in this development, in no small part thanks to our old chum Neil McIntosh who led the digital revolution earning him the honorary title ‘Godfather of Blog’ along the way.

With more and more people blogging and news gathers relying more on content from the public rather than journalists, it may be that we are seeing the birth of yet another new age in British journalism.

A heady mix of staff stories and public contributions, almost like a ‘skin’ of how readers would actually like to see their newspaper/website of choice, rather than what is imposed on them.

The implications of that are wide and huge, and I look forward to reading all about it, be it on the Guardian or elsewhere.

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