What A Load of Old Tosh

This site came about a few years ago thanks, largely, to the sheer enthusiasm exuded towards blogging by a friend who insisted it was the next big thing.

It is clear now, how very right he was. Not that I ever tell him, of course.

Not even when drunk.

Since then Neil McIntosh has gone on to become something of a pioneering champion in the field, becoming Head of Editorial Development at that last bastion of truth and lentils, The Guardian along the way, not to mention speaking at the odd international conference or two.

It still tickles me that he even gets a Wikipedia page all to himself, even though he swears blind he didn’t write it.

And although our evenings downing a quality malt or five are few and far between these days since I moved back to Scotland, I still keep in touch with what he’s up to through his own blog, appropriately called Complete Tosh.

For those who haven’t been there before, or for a while, it is well worth a revisit after having had something of a major facelift, not of course to be confused with Facebook.

He has cold heartedly dumped our faithful friend Typepad for the more alluring charms of WordPress and all its tricks to be conquered.

So be seduced by the bright lights and check it out here.

Categories: Launches

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