It’s become a free for all

It seems that my musings in a recent entry on this blog asking will we soon all be giving away newspapers for free is something that even our professors of journalism are now contemplating.

Over at Guardian Unlimited and their Media section, Roy Greenslade takes up the theme I made on Friday in today’s offering which asks: Is circulation revenue worth having now that advertisers love free titles?.

It comes as Rupert Murdoch, no less, has tongues wagging that he may be looking at the free route, albeit for the online version of the Wall Street Journal which currently charges a subscription.

If it is happening Stateside, will it mean an end to charges for the likes of The Scotsman too which charges for certain sections, before they have had a chance to make the pretty penny they had hoped.

And as the advertiser increasingly looks like becoming king, it returns to my original point, that newspapers may have no option but to become a free and easy source of news and drop the obstacle of a cover price once and for all.

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