Touch and go?

Next month sees the UK launch of the long awaited Apple iPhone – complete with its touch screen facilities and iSync.

Already we’ve just seen the launch of the next generation iPod – again with new touch screen.

So, is it a natural conclusion to assume that what follows next will be Mac laptops utilising the self same technology?

Instead of the traditional qwerty keyboards, prone to collecting dirt, dust and crumbs and which have been known to break on occasion, shall we be treated to touch-screen alternatives?

Something you’d simply run you digits across rather than having to push – perhaps with the apps as part of the same function or on touch screen monitors.

Take it a stage further and ask will it enhance security in time to come, by allowing the option for fingerprint recognition?

Random thoughts, perhaps. But for those thinking about buying a new laptop it is a question I’d hope Apple may answer sooner, ratherthan later.

Categories: Mobile

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