iPhone, Therefore I Am

iPhone by Apple is something I cannot wait to hit these shores.

I’ve never been much of a fan of gadgets, but this one I am sure to snap up.

Not just because it looks good and seems to be taking phones foward, but because it is an Apple.

I’ve grown attached to all the little things Macs have to offer. iTunes, iPhoto, Address Book, iCal. I enjoy working on a Mac at home and in the office, to the extent I now struggle with some PC systems.

So having tried (and failed) to have other mobile phones sync with my machines, all I’ll need is to dock n go once iPhone makes it to Milne Towers.

I’ve even lobbied my colleagues at the office to get them at work as standard.

My fellow director wasn’t so sure. But having arrived back on Monday from a trip to Florida where he had a chance to see one in action for himself, even he seems sold.

I’ve heard some of the doom and gloom too, about poor battery life, excess charges and so on.

But things can only get better.

Apple are talking about selling 10 million units of iPhone quickly and with few problems.

By the reaction on launch day in the States, who would bet against it.

Link ups with the likes of YouTube are only going to enhance its cult status.

Slide action touch screen, phone, mail, iPod, Safari with SMS, Google Maps and others makes it very appealing.

Take the tour here.

Much will boil down to cost and its telecom partner in the UK.

Either way, put mine on order now please.

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