Brown’s Britain

Gordon Brown. Son of the manse. Political heavyweight.

Prime Minister.

It has been a long time coming for the Fifer, a dream and perhaps even a destiny fulfilled.

Some say it was his own fault having to wait so long, accused of not having the necessary ruthlessness to see off his old comrade Tony Blair earlier.

Others say Brown was wise enough to know the damage such a battle would do to their cause, and selflessly put the needs of the party before his own.

And that may be the difference. Images12

As the Queen fights to prise Tony Blair’s fingers from the seat of power today, she will see not the fresh faced man who once bounded through the door of Number 10.

His ideals have been lost, perhaps even the sense of who he is, replaced by a man running on expectation and a lust for power he probably doesn’t realise he has.

Many describe Blair as a control freak, a dictator. I think he is just rather sad.

Deluded by what he thinks he can achieve, or could have, rather than what he set out to do.

Outside influences, pressures of the job, the burden of secrets kept have, I suspect, collaborated to destroy the Tony Blair who first swept to power.

Changed his character, stained his reputation.

A man showered with roses for ‘liberating’ Kosovo, now target for a sniper’s bullet or more likely a bomb, should he take up a role in the Middle East following his part in the region’s bloody history.

He appears like an addict, unable or unwilling to give it all up.


Perhaps that is why he stabbed Brown in the back by refusing to yield the power when he agreed he would.

And it is why Brown, now, has shown his steel, helping to quicken the exit of the Fettes educated toff.

He picked his moment, picked his allies, and now springs his surprises.

Already he has shown that he intends to govern inclusively, keeping his friends close and his enemies closer.

The xenophobia over whether a Scots should be PM is a smokescreen design to unsettle his first few weeks in power.

But this is a man who will be more than a match for the opposition, one who knows his party inside out.

Yet, he faces an uphill battle.

Labour, or at least, New Labour has been damaged almost beyond repair by Blair’s refusal to give up the ghost.

As it stands, that blinded stubborness may very well have cost them the next General Election.

That is unless Brown can come out all guns blazing and steal a march quickly and decisively.

And he can.

For it is Brown and his team who orchestrated the most recent wins for Labour, who retain an iron grip on the Treasury, and who have had a decade to plan for this.

Today marks a new era for Britain, Brown’s Britain.

And just a few weeks ago marked a new dawn for Scotland, Salmond’s Scotland.

It will be a fascinating story to watch unfold.

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