Digi see the Heart of Midlothian…..


It’s been a busy old week getting the latest edition of PLANET HEARTS ready.

This is the fourth edition of our free digital trial, as we look to plan ahead for next season.

And the feedback has been very interesting.

The traditional football fan, and reader, who have contacted us say they prefer having a printed version.

Not because of any issue over quality, but convenience.

They like being able to stick it under their arm, read it on the bus or down the pub. Sit back and relax at home with it rather than hunch over a computer screen.

But we have found a significant number, around 35%, enjoy the new digital format.

The majority of these souls are living abroad. As a result of this trial, we now have readers in 28 different countries, stretching from Japan to Australia, Russia to the USA.

Yet many are right here in the UK, and are simply a new breed of reader, who prefer all their information to come from the web.

They’ve told us they like the ease of having it delivered to their email, or just being able to click the links hosted by our friends at JAMBOS KICKBACK and BOYS in MAROON.

Many people have predicted the death of newspapers, in terms of cost and their environmental impact. One day, they may be proved correct.

But I don’t think the appetite for papers will ever die. If they go, it will be down to commercial necessity and resource driven.

What is more certain, is that the concept of digital papers and web based news will undoubtably grow.

Some already have versions of news media sent straight to their PDAs and inbox. I’m sure the time will come when we all read our papers on our TV screens, or whatever will replace them.

As for Planet Hearts, we have a lot of planning to do after next week’s final edition for this season.

But print or digital? How about a bit of both….


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