A New Dawn

The SNP, in the most dramatic of fashions, have wrested the Scottish parliament away from Labour. After so many disappointments in the past, they recorded their first ever election win.

It was by just one seat, 47 to Labour’s 46.

But as they celebrate in the vast expanse of The Tun bar in Edinburgh tonight, before moving onto Party HQ and who the hell knows where, they won’t care.

For this is a defining moment not just for them as a party, but Scotland as a nation.

Party leader Alex Salmond, the man who would be First Minister, described it as a proud and ancient country where the “winds of change” were blowing.


As he waited for the last voted to be counted, he said none knew who had won, but everyone knew who had lost.

Wendy Alexander and Susan Deacon may have tried to put a brave face on things as Jack McConnell slid out of view, but this was quite simply a disaster for Labour.

An embarrassment too for Gordon Brown and Tony Blair, as not even their king of campaigns Douglas Alexander was able to stop the nationalist’s juggernaut.

This wasn’t a bloody nose.

It was political homicide as a ruthless SNP struck again and again, robbing Labour of their “moral authority” to govern Scotland.

At least, according to Salmond, who at last could crack a smile as he goaded the London led reds for talking down to the electorate, and running a negative campaign.

For the Nats now, olive branches to the Lib Dems who has to wrestle with the prospect of a referendum on independence for their right to form a coalition with the majority party.

It is the one major stumbling block from their manifesto.

They could be tempted to remain on the coat tails of Labour, but where is the attraction.

After all, they will soon face their own internal battle at Scottish Labour, as McConnell’s position is left weak and exposed having led his troops to their first defeat in 50 years.

Watch now for Wendy Alexander, a Brownite, making her move backed by party fathers.

The Tories too have survived, just, and the Greens are just about still standing.

But gone are the Socialists, gone is Tommy Sheridan at Solidarity. Gone are the independents with the exception of Margo MacDonald.

Yet in their place a new dynamic for Scottish politics. A new dawn.

And for some, perhaps, a new hope.

As for a Scottish Press that did its best to derail the SNP express?

Well, we look forward to tomorrow’s front pages.

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