We will not back down


The Mirror, 25/06/2003, p2

SCOTLAND’S nurseries came to a halt yesterday as staff marched in a
claim for better pay.
Around 5000 nurses took to the streets – sending a message to employers
they won’t back down.
At the moment they take home an average yearly pay of £13,000 but are
demanding an extra £4,000 they say is deserved for the extra work
heaped upon them.
Many centres were forced to close their doors as nursery workers
travelled to stage a huge demonstration then a rally at Glasgow Green.
Nursery nurses have not had a pay review for 15 years. The Convention
of Scottish Local Authorities (Cosla) – who employ the nurses – had
proposed a national job evaluation scheme to measure their workload.
Staff could then be graded at the end of the evaluation, taking into
account pay backdated to April 1 this year.
But public sector union Unison are calling for more money now to
address pay “shortfalls”.
Unison’s Scottish Secretary Matt Smith said: “Unison has been
overwhelmed by the public support for nursery nurses. It’s a shame
Cosla is failing to recognise this and moving to end the dispute.
But Frank Russell, of Cosla, said: “The regrading claim has to be
evaluated properly.”


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