We want Mad Dog fortune


The Mirror, 26/05/2003, p8

SCOTS police chiefs will launch a court battle next month to seize
£70,000 from supporters of Loyalist thug Johnny ‘Mad Dog’ Adair.
Top brass have lined up a crack legal team to argue that the cash –
found stuffed in a shoebox at a ferry terminal – is linked to terror
And they will press for the money to be handed over to the Crown.
It was seized at Cairnryan, near Stranraer, Wigtownshire, when Adair’s
wife and a band of 30 followers were forced to flee to Scotland from
Belfast in the spring.
Rival Loyalist factions had threatened to execute them unless they left
Ulster, because of a violent feud with Adair.
When his gang arrived in Scotland, officers from Dumfries and Galloway
Police found the cash and seized it, using new powers contained in the
Terrorism Act (2000).
Under the act, a sheriff can order the seizure of money if there are
“reasonable grounds” to suspect it was gained from terrorism or used to
fund it.
And the Scottish Daily Mirror has learned a unique civil action will be
raised by the Crown Office at Stranraer Sheriff Court this week.
However, it is believed several leading members of Adair’s group are
also squabbling over their rights to the cash, should the Crown be
A source said: “There are competing claims for the money.
“This will be the first time this legislation has been used, but we
expect it to come to court within a few weeks.”
A Crown spokesman confirmed they were preparing to go to court.
He said: “A sum of cash has been detained in terms of anti-terrorist
legislation. It’s origins are being investigated.”
Terrorism expert Paul Wilkinson, of St Andrews University, said the
loss of a “useful” £70,000 would anger UDA fund-raisers.
But David Ervine, of the Progressive Unionist Party, doubts whether the
UDA will make a claim on the money.
He said: “That gentleman (Adair) and his ilk have little support within
Loyalism if any at all. I imagine there will be no sympathy for them.
“People will believe the money has already gone.”


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