Tourist chief in bags of bother


The Mirror, 30/07/2002, p15

A TOURISM chief charged with promoting Scotland’s travel industry was
left raging after his luggage was lost – on a FOREIGN holiday.
Graham Birse, head of marketing at Edinburgh and Lothian Tourist Board,
opted to bodyswerve the Capital and it’s surrounding beauty spots in
favour of France – despite his own work promoting the area.
But he suffered for his choice after bungling airline workers lost his
luggage over a week ago – leaving him moaning at budget airline Go for
their “terrible service”.
He said: “I don’t expect to be immune to these things working in the
tourist industry.
“But it is frustrating to have got nowhere after more than a week.”
The tourism chief, from Fife, arrived back at Edinburgh Airport on 21
July following his holiday in the Dordogne to find the case containing
clothes and gifts was missing.
But, despite several phone calls and repeated trips back to the
airport, Mr Birse is still no closer to recovering the bag.
He said: “I never thought it would get to this stage and I’m starting
to think I will never see the case again.
“I feel like I’m going round in circles and the service I have received
from Go has been very poor.”
A spokesman for Go said: “We’re doing everything we can to find Mr
Birse’s bag.”


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