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The Mirror, 08/11/2002, p33

A TRAINEE may have been at the controls of a £300million nuclear sub
when it crashed off a Scottish island.
The Navy launched an inquiry yesterday after HMS Trafalgar ploughed
into underwater rocks three miles from Skye.
The sub was on a training exercise and may have had a learner at the
helm when the accident happened at 8am on Wednesday.
Two members of the 130-strong crew were injured and the sub limped back
to Faslane on the Clyde with damage to its sonar, forward planes and a
ballast tank.
But the nuclear reactor was undamaged after the hunter-killer sub hit
rocks 50 yards below the surface at around 16mph.
Naval chiefs stressed that HMS Trafalgar – involved in the first wave
of attacks against Afghanistan in October last year – was not carrying
nuclear warheads.
Rear Admiral Derek Anthony, Scotland’s senior naval officer, expressed
concern at the incident.
But he added: “Until the findings of the investigation are known, it
would be wrong for me to speculate.”


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