The green machine


The Mirror, 16/08/2004, p16

A REVOLUTIONARY car powered by hydrogen is to make a second attempt
to become the world’s most fuel-efficient motor.
The BOC Gh2ost will take on petrol engines to try to beat the 10,705
miles per gallon record.
And the makers hope it will do better than last year’s bid when it
managed only 1,200mpg.
The lightweight car, made of carbon fibre and aluminium, is powered
by a hydrogen fuel cell, which is almost noiseless and gives off only
Dave McGrath, boss of Scottish firm siGEN, which is behind the
project, says it could drive around the world on the equivalent of just two
gallons of petrol and using 25 watts of power.
And John Carolin, of gas giant BOC, which is backing it, said: “It
sounds unbelievable how little power is used to keep it moving.
“Hydrogen power could create a pollution and noise-free environment.
Vehicle emissions are a major contributor to rising levels of
greenhouse gases and the depletion of fossil fuels.
Hydrogen is odourless and tasteless and is the most abundant element
in the universe.”
The attempt takes place next week in Aberdeenshire.


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