Terror leaders want UVF drugs pair dead


The Mirror, 26/07/2002, p23

TWO UVF terrorists trying to muscle in on Edinburgh’s drug scene were
forced to flee Belfast after fellow Loyalists vowed to kill them.
The Scottish Daily Mirror can reveal that the duo were targeted by
furious UDA death- squads after it was discovered they were at the
centre of a major cocaine smuggling ring.
Both men – identified to the Mirror – were part of a six-man UVF
operation known as ‘The Sweeneys’ because they were deemed untouchable.
However, execution orders were issued when rivals at the UDA heard of
their activities.
A UDA source last night admitted: “We were forced to break up a cocaine
ring and at least two of the people involved have fled Ulster. They
were told in no uncertain terms none of us would stand by and watch as
the UVF let cocaine and other drugs end up in the hands of our
The men are understood to have been smuggled out of Belfast and given
sanctuary in a safe house in Edinburgh’s Wester Hailes housing scheme.
The Mirror revealed earlier this week how the UVF men were trying to
carve out a piece of the lucrative Edinburgh drugs market but that
local gangsters were fighting back.
A source told the Mirror last night: “They are picking a fight with the
wrong people.


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