The Mirror, 15/07/2002, p28 & 29

SUMMER came to Scotland as thousands of fans sizzled in the heat at the
country’s biggest music festival.
Scorching sunshine beat down on 100,000 party people who rocked T in
the Park into the history books.
The near Mediterranean climate ended weeks of torrential rain and
lifted the festival’s mud bath curse.
Tanked-up revellers who indulged a few pints of the sponsor’s brew were
left lobster red and first aid tents were swamped by requests for sun
Last night clouds which had gathered above Balado in Kinross threatened
to mar the al-fresco extravaganza.
But organisers said the event was by far the best in its nine-year
Dance gurus the Chemical Brothers delivered a pumping closing set to
finish the two-day festival.
Earlier in the day audiences were treated to energetic performances
from US grunge band Green Day.
Rock group the Foo Fighters had revellers head banging to a string of
their top hits. Scotland’s first hint of summer broke a trend of
appalling weather which has blighted T in the Park previously.
Traditional bin bag coats, mud and wellies were replaced by bikini
tops, sun cream and sunglasses this year.
The only stormy scenes surrounded the controversial Oasis as they got
in a scrap back stage.
Frontman Liam Gallagher squared up to Starsailor’s James Walsh in a
long- running feud and were dragged apart by security.
Later the Gallagher brothers took to the stage just as the sun was
setting on Saturday night.
During their 90-minute set they played hits from their new album
Heathen Chemistry along with old favourites.
Earlier US rockers No Doubt wowed the crowds with lead singer Gwen
Stefani dressed in tartan trousers.
Stars like Badly Drawn Boy Damen Gough mingled with fans after his
He said: “This is what it’s all about – the fans.
“Some bands tend to forget they are the reason we are all here.”
TV presenter Edith Bowman, from Channel 4’s Ri:se, told the Scottish
Daily Mirror she was having a ball.
She said: “I love coming to T in the Park. It’s one of my favourite
More than 35,000 people camped in a tent city the size of 32 football
Many partied through Saturday night and into Sunday.
An astonishing 600 pints of lager were poured every minute from taps at
the bars around the festival site. Thirsty revellers consumed more than
250,000 pints of Tennents lager over the weekend.
And despite Home Secretary David Blunkett’s relaxation in the drug laws
not coming into effect until next year, many openly smoked cannabis.
Around 500 people received first aid treatment and 320 people needed
treatment at the hospital tent.
Promoter Geoff Ellis said: “All the elements of a great festival were
“We had excellent performances, a happy, relaxed crowd and a good dose
of Scottish sunshine.”
But Colin McInnes, 27, from West Kilbride, was less impressed.
He said: “We came to see Oasis, but they were really lame and not as
good as the first time they were here.
“They just seemed arrogant.”
Sun-burned Steve McKenzie, 19, from Edinburgh, said the Chemical
Brothers were the highlight of the festival.
He said: “It was just awesome. This is the best year ever.”
And Lucy Forbes, from Kinross, added: “My favourite was Beverley Knight
who was outstanding.”
ROCK bad boy Liam Gallagher started a storm in a T cup at this year’s
But the Oasis frontman has vowed to return to Scotland’s T In The Park
– much to his fans’ delight.
Liam traded insults with Starsailor lead vocalist James Walsh – who was
fuming with the Mancunian after Liam mouthed off about the band in a
Adding fuel to the fire, Starsailor wowed Scot’s fans by playing a
version of Flower of Scotland – which seemed to antagonise the
football-daft Gallagher brothers.
One fan waved a Brazil flag during the Oasis set and keen England fan
Liam quipped: “You with the flag, you moron, it’s not even British.”
RANDY revellers managed to get through an impressive 10,000 condoms in
ONE day.
Tayside Health Board distributed the handy items as part of a safe sex
A health spokeswoman said: “We had 10,000 condoms at the start of the
weekend – but the demand for them was completely unbelievable.
“It’s funny, we still have plenty of sun cream left – just no condoms.”
Health bosses also dished out free sun lotion from the first aid tents
where 500 people received treatment, mainly for minor ailments such as
dehydration, sprains and bruises.
There were no reports of serious injuries.
THIS year’s massive event passed off far more peacefully than in
previous years, police said.
And cops praised the behaviour of the 100,000 crowd who partied the
weekend away as the summer weather finally kicked in.
Tayside Police said there was less than 50 arrests at the two-day event.
A spokesman said: “We are very pleased at the way the festival turned
out this year.
“There were just 45 arrests during the festivities.
“These figures are well down on last year.
“Good weather on Saturday and Sunday helped and everyone seemed to be
more concerned with having fun than anything else.”


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