Suicide pact lovers lay dead for 3 months


The Mirror, 17/06/2003, p9

HORRIFIED cops burst into a fly-infested flat after neighbours
complained of the smell – only to discover a suicide-pact couple who’d
been lying dead for three months.
Forensic teams were left to pore over the grim death scene in Edinburgh
after the find and discovered notes penned to the tragic families of
the desperate lovers.
Terry McGovern, 42, and his girlfriend of two years, Nadine Hope, 21,
left scrawled notes for their loved ones before overdosing on a
cocktail of pills.
Police broke down the door to their flat in Edinburgh’s Drylaw area
after neighbours, who hadn’t seen the couple since March, complained of
the stench.
Officers found the decomposing bodies lying in bed beside an empty pill
bottle and two notes – one from dad-of-two Terry saying they wanted to
die together.
Last night the family of hospital auxiliary Nadine spoke of their
despair over her death.
Tearful gran, Christine Huggan, who raised Nadine after her mother
abandoned her, was bewildered.
Christine, 66, added: “I can’t believe it. None of the family can come
to terms with this.
“We had no clue they were planning something like this. Nadine can’t
have been thinking straight. I can’t imagine her wanting to die like
this. She was so young and beautiful.”
Nadine, who worked at the Western General Hospital, left a simple note
to tell her family that she loved them all.
Another letter from Terry to his mother Edith said: “It’s my last wish
that you make sure we are laid to rest together. I’m sorry. Please
forgive us.”
Mr McGovern’s sister, Maureen McGraw, 38, said: “We’re all shocked
beyond belief and are finding it hard to deal with.”
Neighbours were also left stunned by Friday night’s horror find.
One woman, who did not want to be named, said: “The stench was
overpowering and it’s been an awful few days.
“A lot of rumours are flying around about why it happened, but the
truth is, no-one knows but them.”


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