Spooky, who broke in for Galloway memoirs?

HeadLine: Spooky, who broke in for GALLOWAY MEMOIRS?

The Mirror, 28/07/2003, p30

ANTI-war MP George Galloway has had his memoirs stolen in a mysterious
raid on his villa in Portugal.
Hinting at dirty tricks, the Labour renegade – currently suspended from
the party – said it wasn’t the usual kind of burglary committed in the
Most were drug-fuelled and reckless. The culprits this time could only
have reached his isolated Algarve farmhouse in a 4×4
They also wore gloves as they stole a computer, a heavy wooden desk and
chair. Mr Galloway said: “Police have been working intensively.
Some things point in the direction of an ordinary crime, others point
in a different direction. “The desk is quite large and fairly cheap,
while there is much nicer furniture which would have been easier to
He said of the thieves: “They will find nothing of interest in the
computer or the desk, unless they find the first draft of my memoirs
He has other copies.
The Glasgow MP, 48, had been away from the holiday home for six weeks,
before the raid was uncovered last Friday.


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