Sorry Sir, you’re too sweaty for our gym


The Mirror, 23/11/2002, p35

FITNESS fanatic Alistair Bell has been given an official warning by
staff at a gym – because he sweats too much.
Bosses told him it was offensive to other customers and he had to
control it.
Marathon runner Alistair, 44, has used the council-run centre for two
years but is now too embarrassed to face regulars.
He said: “The manager said he had received complaints from members who
found my sweating offensive. How are you meant to have a good workout
without sweating? It’s like asking someone to stop breathing.”
Staff then offered him a complimentary towel to try to cool him down.
But Alistair, who uses the Tryst Sports Centre every day in
Cumbernauld, North Lanarkshire, said: “That was the final straw. I was
very embarrassed and upset and it only made matters worse.
“I shower two or three times a day. I’m a very hygienic person and I
found the whole thing incredibly insulting. I haven’t slept for two
days worrying about it.”
Dr Stanley Grant, an expert in aerobic exercise at Glasgow University,
said: “If you are used to training indoors, in a humid climate, the
body produces more sweat than occasional gym users
“It is not in his interest to stop sweating as it’s his body’s natural
reaction to a hard workout.”
A spokesman for North Lanarkshire Council said: “A number of complaints
were made and we had no option but to talk to him.”


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