Sars Scot fear


The Mirror, 23/04/2003, p13

A SCOTS journalist was under strict quarantine in China last night as
fear of the killer Sars virus gripped Beijing.
Peter Brennan, 32, was confined to his apartment block with fellow Brit
David Winning, 27, after a Chinese colleague fell ill.
Both work for the English language Chinese Communist Party newspaper
China Daily.
A worker from Edinburgh and an Inverness man who married a local girl
could also be infected by Sever Acute Respiratory Syndrome, which has
so far claimed 235 lives. Peter’s worried mum, Margaret, from Inverkip,
Inverclyde, last night said she was still waiting for news of her son’s
She said: “All I know was he was going to one of the affected provinces
to do work.
“He felt really very ill on the Saturday before he left Beijing, and
was going to cancel.
“He spent most of the night with his head down a toilet, but in the end
he went on the trip anyway. I’ve not heard anything from him since.”
Mrs Brennan described sanitary arrangements in her son’s apartment
block as “the worst I have seen”.
Multi-lingual Peter, who is fluent in Spanish, French and knows
Portuguese, is in China learning the official Mandarin dialect.
His friend David Winning, from East Anglia, a Canadian and an
Australian working at the paper have also been told to stay at home.
David said: “There is a great sense of panic around.”
Meanwhile, suspected SARS patient Rob Blyde, 29, from Wishaw,
Lanarkshire, was yesterday discharged from hospital after tests showed
he only had ‘flu.
Experts in the Chinese capital Beijing warned the bug, which has spread
from the Far East via air travel, is “expected to mutate very fast and
very easily”.


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