Ronnie’s on mend after prostate op


The Mirror, 24/01/2004, p28

COMEDY star Ronnie Corbett is recovering from prostate surgery.
Ronnie, who does not have cancer, had an operation last weekend and
doctors say early signs are it was a success.
Wife Anne said: “He’s in good spirits and doing exceptionally well. He
won’t be on the golf course for a wee while yet, but he’s itching to
pick up his clubs again.”
Ronnie, 73, of Addington, Surrey, has benign prostatic hyperplasia, a
non-cancerous enlargement of the prostate. His father had a similar
Drugs controlled it for four years before surgery was needed. Ronnie
had the operation at King’s College Hospital in London and was back
home on Wednesday.
Anne said: “He’s sitting here with his feet up. He was a very good boy
and did everything he was told. His surgeon took super care of him.
“With an operation like this it can take weeks and weeks to recover,
but I don’t see a prolonged recuperation in Ron’s case. I shouldn’t be
surprised if he’s fairly chirpy in three of four days.”
He still plans to make a TV sitcom, she added.


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