Ron me head

HeadLine: Ron me head

The Mirror, 27/02/2002, p3

FOOTBALL star Ronaldo may be at home in Rio recovering from his latest
back strain… but Italian defenders are still quaking in their boots.
His gorgeous wife Milene Domingues has just signed for Italian Serie A
women’s team Fiamma Monzaafter four years out of the game.
Former model Milene, 22, began training with her new side at the Sada
stadium yesterday after overcoming a knee injury from two years ago.
She said: “Since I arrived in Italy two years ago I wanted to play
soccer again.
“I used to play back in Brazi. Soccer is a passion for me, not a job.
“But first I was pregnant then my son Ronald was a baby, and now, he’s
grown up a bit Ronaldo told me I should play soccer again.”
Prior to moving to Italy to join Ronaldo, who plays for Inter Milan,
Milene missed two seasons in Brazil due to a knee injury.
Brazilian international Ronaldo, twice World Player of the Year, has
been sidelined for the bulk of the past two and a half years after two
knee operations.
Unlike Ronaldo’s ex- girlfriend Susana Werner, Milene has avoided the
media during her time in Italy, preferring a low-key role.
But she says Ronaldo is pleased that she is getting ready to return to
competitive action.
Milene, who married the former Barcelona striker on Christmas Eve 1999,
said: “He knows how I play, he has seen me playing, to him this is
nothing new.
“He’s happy for me because he knows soccer is my passion.”
The signing of Ronaldo’s wife is likely to increase the profile of
Monza, but coach Raffaele Solimeno has no worries her arrival will
overshadow the team itself.
He said: “We’re very happy about her because she really wants to play
“All she has asked of me is to put her in a condition where she can
play again. That’s because she loves it.”
Captain Deborah Novelli says Milene’s down-to-earth approach and
obvious enjoyment of the game has made an instant impact.
She added: “Her arrival has given us a lot of new energy and enthusiasm.
“She is a very simple girl, she is a good player. She is good for us.”
Fiamma Monza are fifth in Italy’s top division.


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