Praying for a miracle


The Mirror, 15/10/2002, p1

A SCOTS rugby player was last night missing feared dead following the
bloody terror attacks on Bali.
Stephen Speirs, 36, was last seen in the resort’s popular Sari
nightclub before it was destroyed by the ferocious bomb blast.
The fireball killed 188 and left scores more shocked, bloodied and
fighting for their lives.
Eighteen Britons are already confirmed to be among the dead, while a
further 15 are missing, including Stephen
His friends last night admitted they feared the worst as the body count
continued to rise.
His shattered rugby team-mates spent yesterday touring morgues filled
with charred bodies of the victims. But so far the former electrical
engineer has not been found.
His parents Andrew and Sadie were too upset to speak as they were
comforted at their Renfrewshire home.
But lifelong friend Kenny McKenzie, 34, said: “We are all fearing the
worst and even more so as time passes.
“Everyone is absolutely devastated and the uncertainty at the moment is
really terrible. It is too early to say we have lost a great friend
because we are still clinging on to some faint hope.”
Kenny said he was with Andrew and Sadie at their semi-detached in
Bridge of Weir, Renfrewshire, when they heard Stephen – his best man –
was missing.
He said: “The look of horror on their faces was unforgettable and I
really felt for them.
“Stephen has a younger brother and sister, Andrew and Caroline, and
they are totally heartbroken.
“They could have lost their caring big brother and the whole family is
finding it difficult to cope at the moment.
“We haven’t had 100 per cent confirmation that he was in the club at
the time but the circumstances would indicate that there is a very,
very limited chance of any hope at this stage.”
Industrial agent Stephen, known to pals as Mint, has lived in Hong Kong
for eight years and travelled to Bali with his rugby team.
Fellow Scot and school pal Ian Brown, 36, was also on the Hong Kong FC
trip but managed to escape injury in the blast.
Kenny said: “I have spoken to Ian on the phone. He said that it was
carnage and looks like a war zone. They are basically now trailing
round the morgues.”
Russell Kincaid, Stephen’s boss in Hong Kong, added: “The waiting has
been difficult and although it is looking very doubtful we are still
hoping he may be found.”


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