The Mirror, 05/07/2002, p1

THE boozed-up brother of superstar actor Sean Connery faces jail after
being caught almost THREE times the drink drive limit.
Shamed Neil Connery, 64, from Murrayfield, in Edinburgh, appeared at
Dunfermline Sheriff Court yesterday where he pleaded guilty to
He was found to have 101mc of drink in his blood stream – above the
35mc limit – when stopped by police on the A921 Fife coast road near
Burntisland on June 16.
He admitted driving on the road and other routes in Fife while over the
Defence lawyer Marjory Socha entered a plea of guilty and sentence was
deferred until July 30 for reports. Sheriff Stuart Forbes ordered him
to re-appear in person for sentence.
Dressed smart but casually, ex-builder Connery, who sported a
goatee-style beard, was unavailable for comment when approached at his
Edinburgh home yesterday.
He was previously banned from the road for 12 months after being caught
drunk behind the wheel around eight years ago.
At the time the James Bond star’s brother received a one year ban and
was fined £300 for being twice the legal limit.
Connery remains close to his famous brother, and often attends gold
functions and film premieres with him.
He once tried to break into films, but failed, and returned to the
building trade where he worked as a plasterer.
Connery lives with wife Elinor in a modest three bedroomed bungalow on
the west-side of Edinburgh.
He stood up for his famous brother when Sir Sean faced public
accusations made by former wife Diane Cilento that he had beaten her.
At the time, the star’s loyal sibling Neil said in his defence: “These
days Sean is lucky to hit a golf ball.”
Neil’s plasterer apprenticeship was interrupted in 1956 when he
undertook his National Service.
He had to stop for good three decades later when he fell from a ladder,
broke his wrist and fractured his pelvis.


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