One in 10 Scots kids on the run by age 16

HeadLine: One in 10 Scots kids on the run by age 16

The Mirror, 23/04/2002, p20

A SHOCKING new report shows that one in 10 Scots kids are forced to
flee their homes by the time they are 16.
The Aberlour Child Care Trust, which commissioned the study, found that
7000 youngsters run away from home every year – many after being
subjected to sexual abuse and violence.
A quarter of the kids end up sleeping on the streets, vulnerable to the
dregs of society who prey upon their innocence, dragging them into the
The bombshell evidence, in the hard-hitting report Missing Out – also
found that one in six kids who run away end up being physically or
sexually abused.
Aberlour, which is Scotland’s largest children’s charity, say the
reasons for leaving home include violence, neglect and emotional and
sexual abuse.
They say it is rare for youngsters to run away simply for excitement.
Aberlour chief executive Romy Langeland said: “Our research proves kids
are running away from something rather than running to something.”
Andy, 16, from Glasgow, backs up the report’s findings. He said: “My
parents had problems with alcohol and when I was 16 my step-dad threw
me out of the house and I ended up sleeping rough.”
Another victim Helen, 15, who was sexually abused at the age of 10 by
her mother’s boyfriend, said: “I ended up on the streets, sleeping
underneath bridges.
“I didn’t know where else to go.”


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