Now tell us where she is


The Mirror, 30/01/2003, p1

THE family of murdered mum Arlene Fraser last night sent a desperate
plea to killer husband Nat: “Tell us where her body is.”
Fraser, 44, branded “evil” by judge Lord Mackay, was sentenced to at
least 25 years in jail at Edinburgh High Court yesterday.
It was claimed he hired a hitman to kill his wife, who vanished in
April 1998, and then disposed of her body himself. Arlene’s sister
Carol said for the sake of his children – Jamie and Natalie – he should
reveal what had happened to their mum.
She said: “He owes it to them to tell the truth. It’s the truth that
will heal us.”
Arlene’s dad Hector added: “We’d like a gravestone – but haven’t any
remains to bury.”
Det Supt Jim Stephen, who lead the murder probe, said yesterday: “It is
not too late for him to begin to salvage some decency, some humanity.
He takes with his to his cell the secrets of that terrible day in April
“We will visit him in prison to try to establish the truth of what
happened to Arlene.”
Farmer Hector Dick and friend Glenn Lucas, were originally charged with
murder alongside Fraser, before all charges were finally dropped.
Dick, who had denied being involved, turned Queen’s evidence and blamed
Fraser for the killing.

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