Mum pushes her kids off cliff..then jumps


The Mirror, 16/01/2002, p14

A MOTHER and her two young children died after she threw them over a
300ft cliff in their buggy and jumped after them.
The bodies of Daniela Smith, 31, her one-year-old daughter
Natasha-Louise Paton and son Samuel Paul Paton, aged two months, were
found early yesterday at the foot of the cliff.
Police had been hunting for the family after worried relatives reported
them missing. Daniela was spotted on a street TV camera an hour later.
Officers arrived after a few minutes they had vanished.
The search, which involved 24 officers, was then concentrated on the
area around the foot of the cliff.
Guest houses were being searched as Daniela, who had a history of
mental illness, pushed the children up the hill.
She was spotted again by a woman shortly after 4pm on Monday afternoon.
It is believed that a short time later, in heavy rain and as it was
getting dark, Daniela pushed her children in their double buggy over
the clifftop of Kinnoull Hill, which overlooks the Scottish city of
The three bodies were discovered by a Tayside Police search team early
yesterday morning.
The children’s father, Lyle Paton, had last seen the family when he
left for work on Monday morning.
Yesterday he said: “There is just not anything I can say about what has
happened to Daniela and the kids.”
Former neighbour Alison Daniels said Daniela suffered from agoraphobia
– a fear of open spaces.
“I just can’t believe she could do that with her own kids,” she said.


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