MTV awards: The big day: Let’s go


The Mirror, 06/11/2003, p12 & 13

SCOTLAND was in the grip of MTV fever last night as rock and pop’s
biggest stars of began arriving in Edinburgh.
Tens of thousands of people will flock to the Capital tonight hopeful
of catching a glimpse of those taking part in the MTV Music awards.
Superstars including Dido, Kylie Minogue, Justin Timberlake, Vin Diesel
and Scotland’s own Shirley Manson have already arrived in Edinburgh.
Others, including the Chemical Brothers, Pink, REM and Travis are also
Train and coach companies have been inundated with calls from people
looking to travel to the show at Leith’s Ocean Terminal and the open
air concert in Princes Street Gardens.
And just a smattering of rooms remain in local B&Bs as every hotel room
in the area has been snapped up.
Top hotels, including Malmaison, The Scotsman, The Sheraton, The
Balmoral and Hilton Caledonian, are playing host to some of the most
famous names in the world.
Scores of people queued overnight in a bid to secure a ticket from the
last batch of 300 which went on sale. First in line, Jason Derr, 28,
from Seattle in the USA, said he could not afford to miss a “once in a
lifetime” opportunity to see the event.
Pal Iain Clark, 22, from Dundee, said: “For me the awards are never
going to come to Scotland again.”
And one rocker due to play tonight, couldn’t even find his hotel. The
Darkness’ Frankie Poullain left his mum and girlfriend shivering in the
doorway of the Glasshouse as he walked by oblivious.
He said: “I checked in with the band earlier when it was still
daylight. But I had to leave them at the MTV arena because I promised
to treat my mum and girlfriend to a meal tonight.
“I honestly didn’t recognise the hotel when I walked by it.”
Experts predict a £4m boom for the local economy.
First Minister Jack McConnell said: “Having one billion people tuning
in to watch Edinburgh and Scotland at its best is a fantastic
opportunity for us.”


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