Man U fan wins £25,000 ..on City

HeadLine: MAN U FAN WINS £25,000 ..ON CITY

The Mirror, 06/02/2004, p35

A MANCHESTER United fan won £25,000 by staking £100 on Man City to win
when they were 3-0 down to Spurs at half time.
Paul McKenzie said he placed the 250-1 bet “purely because City’s boss
is Kevin Keegan.”
He added “I was so convinced he would send them out to attack in a
gung-ho fashion and if they got one goal back those odds would be
In what has been called the greatest comeback of all time, Man City
scored four goals with 10 men to win 4-3 in Wednesday’s FA Cup match.
Graham Sharpe of bookies William Hill said: “We cannot ever recall
quoting any team longer odds than 250-1 at half time before. But Spurs
do have ‘previous’ in letting down punters.”
Mr McKenzie, from Strathaven, Lanarks, is now counting his winnings.
But another gambler lost £18,000 by placing a bet in the second half
for Spurs to win.
He put £10,000 on the team when they were 3-1 up then added to his
mistake by staking £8,000 more when the score was 3-2.


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