Jay: I’ve had 250 women

HeadLine: JAY: I’VE HAD 250 WOMEN

The Mirror, 29/05/2004, p4

BODYBUILDER Jason Cowan brags he will be the first to have sex on the
show – provided he fancies a female housemate.
Vain Jason, 30, claims to have bedded 250 women in a string of one
night stands.
And yesterday his best friend Alan Strachan predicted: “The women won’t
be able to keep their hands off him and the guys will be jealous as
anything. He always boasts he’s the Martini man – any time, any place
My Travel air steward Jason, known as Jay, has been single six years
after he had his heart broken by a stunning brunette. But he has been
making the most of the single life.
Alan added: “He’s never chatted up a woman, but always gets chatted up.
The ladies are just blown away by his physique and presence.”
But outwardly confident Jay hides a tragic heartache – he doesn’t know
his real mum and dad. He was adopted as a baby, but still dreams of the
day he can meet his own family.
Alan, also 30, from Hamilton, Lanarks, told the Mirror: “Jay is one of
the nicest, coolest guys you could ever meet. But he’s petrified of
rejection. It haunted him all his life as a child.
“He comes across as really confident, but deep down has his
insecurities. He’s very private.”
Jason endured further childhood tragedy. His adoptive dad died of a
heart attack when he was only three years old.
That left him to be brought up by older foster brothers and sisters and
adoptive mum.
Alan went on: “Jay was the youngest and really resented being told what
to do and being too small to fight back. He rebelled against it.”
The family still live in Muirhouses, Motherwell, where he grew up, but
he hasn’t spoken to them in around 10 years.
As teenagers, Jay and Alan played for Hamilton Colts FC. But Jay
couldn’t make the breakthrough he craved, and turned elsewhere.
He signed up to the Royal Navy, qualifying as a submariner and after
six years took redundancy and a big pay-off. He spent his cash living
it up in Mauritius.


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