Jack hails £8bn budget splurge


The Mirror, 13/09/2002, p2

FIRST Minister Jack McConnell yesterday hailed a new £8billion cash
injection for Scotland and insisted it was a “defining moment” in the
nation’s future.
The extra money, which was announced by Finance Minister Andy Kerr
following a six-month budgetary spending review, will be targeted at
health, crime, transport and helping young Scots achieve their
Mr McConnell said: “Recent spending plans have concentrated on services
for the elderly and for the very young.
“This budget invests in transport, in training, skills and enterprise
for young Scots and in our vital public services, particularly health
and tackling crime.
“I believe it is a budget that will improve the lives of people all
across the country. This budget is a defining moment not just for the
Parliament but for Scotland itself.
“This is the day we move to the future.
Mr Kerr had earlier told MSPs that spending would now amount to £70bn
over the next three years. He revealed that £1.5bn of the new money
will be released next year, £2.6bn the following year and £4bn in 2005.
Among the major cash pledges made by Mr Kerr was an additional
£300million-a-year in skills and training for young people.
He also announced that health spending will reach £8bn by 2006.
The Finance Minister claimed the massive infusion of new cash shot down
snipers who said Labour would never deliver on their election pledges.
He said: “This new money presents a major opportunity to continue our
drive to build a better Scotland.
“The scaremongers said we wouldn’t be able to afford our ambitious
agenda. We have now shown that we can.”


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