It’s Ma-Roon

HeadLine: IT’S MA-ROON

The Mirror, 14/02/2004, p23

A MADCAP pub boss is offering regulars free booze ALL DAY – if Hearts
chief Chris Robinson gets the boot.
Calum Anderson, 39, has vowed to hold the celebration at Edinburgh’s
Dickens Lounge, just a five-minute walk from under-threat Tynecastle.
Plans to quit the ground have helped chief executive Robinson become a
hate figure for a huge section of the support.
And lifelong Jambo Calum says he and his customers are praying for him
to get the axe, adding: “It will be the biggest day for Hearts fans
since we won the Scottish Cup.
“A few of the guys have said it will cost me a small fortune in beer
because they all plan to celebrate when he goes.
“But it will be money well spent. Takings have been down at every pub
along here since he took over.
“There’s not been a feelgood factor around the club for months, and the
blame has to lie at Robinson’s door.”
Dickens Lounge is a haven for the Hearts Supporters Trust which, as the
Scottish Daily Mirror revealed yesterday, is leading a bid to buy out
the club’s major shareholder SMG.
If it succeeds, the move is sure to see Robinson forced out.
And Calum is certainly used to exercising a bit of fan-power.
He was behind a group who chartered a plane for the Maroons’ European
adventures when the club failed to provide enough space for travelling
fans. The landlord has already posted a message on the official Hearts
website chatroom advertising his free beer offer.
Last night, he said: “It’s a genuine offer and people have been
inundating us with inquiries since word got out.
“It will be a right sore one in the pocket. But I’ve already ordered
extra beer. It will be free the day he is sacked or goes.
“We’d hoped that Robinson could be out this weekend but I’m told it’ll
be a wee while longer yet.
“But the sooner the better as far as I’m concerned – even if I’ll be
working all day when it happens.”


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