The Mirror, 30/07/2002, p14

THE lawyer of a wheelchair-bound sex beast stunned a court yesterday by
admitting there was absolutely nothing he could say in his defence.
Neil Watson was due to make a plea in mitigation for depraved Neil
Grant, 88, who pleaded guilty to carrying out a decade-long reign of
terror against young girls aged between just three and 12.
But when asked by Sheriff Alexander Pollock if there was anything he
would like to say ahead of sentencing, Mr Watson said: “I am not in a
position to apologise on behalf of Grant.
“Normally my job is to read the reports and extract the gems to put
before the court. I can find very little in these reports. In fact I
have great difficulty in finding anything to say.”
Inverness Sheriff Court had earlier heard how Grant carried out his
reign of terror from 1979 to 1991 and that he showed no remorse towards
his innocent victims.
The sicko admitted four charges of using lewd, indecent and libidinous
practices and behaviour towards the girls.
Depute fiscal Aileen Thom said Grant regularly visited the Beauly area
in the Highlands from his home in Risborough in Buckinghamshire.
It was during these visits that he sexually abused the three girls.
The court was told the pervert lured one girl into trusting him by
showing her his watch and getting her to sit on his knee.
Ms Thom said the victim was consistently abused from the age of three
up until she was 12 and was sexually molested about two or three times
during each of his visits to the area.
She added: “When she was about three the accused took her on his knee
ostensibly to show her his watch. This pattern of offending followed
the same course with all three complainers.”
Ms Thom said the second victim recalls one occasion when she was eight
when she was abused by Grant, while the third girl remembers being
abused on several occasions.
The attacks were eventually reported to the police last April.
Ms Thom said: “When interviewed the officer involved said Grant did not
appear surprised by the charges.
“He said he could not recall any of the incidents but said he didn’t
think the girls were lying.”
Sheriff Pollock was told that social inquiry and psychiatric reports
said Grant showed “a severe lack of victim empathy”.
Jailing Grant for nine months, Sheriff Pollock said: “You have pleaded
guilty to four serious charges and only a custodial sentence will
Grant was also placed on the sex offenders’ register for 10 years.


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