I’ll never get over death of ‘fine son’


The Mirror, 27/03/2002, p12

THE DEVASTATED mum of a young scout found hanged after a knot-tying
lesson went tragically wrong said last night: “I can’t believe he’s
Sharon McHardy, 37, said she would never get over the loss of her “fine
young man”.
Police said they believe the death of 13-year-old Cameron was the
result of a tragic “prank”.
Scoutmaster Mike Taylor tried desperately for 30 minutes to revive the
youngster after he was found hanging in the toilets of the hall in
Methlick, Aberdeenshire.
Meetings of the troop have been suspended while police investigate the
boy’s death.
Still trying to come to terms with the shock, Ms McHardy said: “I can’t
believe he’s gone.
“Just last week we went to see his favourite band, Travis, in Glasgow,
for his 13th birthday. His auntie Kate got us the tickets.
“He was standing beside me, taller than me, and singing the song Sing
in his broken voice.
“There he was – a fine young man.”
She explained: “When I took him to the scout meeting he was his usual
happy self, joking around.
“Then at about 8.45pm, the Scoutmaster told me what had happened.
“Cameron had been in a jokey mood all evening.
“It seems to have been a prank that went wrong – apparently his feet
were on the ground.
“Cameron was very popular and he was a big part of the community – he
spoke to everyone.
“One person sent me a lovely letter saying that some people Cameron’s
age grunted but Cameron was always one for a chat.
“For a teenager his age, he had no worries.”
The Scout Association’s Scottish Council chief executive, James Duffy,
said: “We extend our deepest sympathy to Cameron’s family.”
A spokesman for Grampian Police said: “There are no suspicious
circumstances and a report will be sent to the procurator fiscal.”


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