If the UN backs it we will remain opposed to the war


The Mirror, 08/03/2003, p2

SNP leader John Swinney vowed last night that his party would NOT
support a war with Iraq.
Until yesterday the Nats said they would only support war if the UN
backed a second resolution as craved by Britain and the US.
But Swinney’s party is now on a collision course with Labour over the
issue ahead of the election after stating even that would not earn the
SNP’s endorsement.
He told the Nationalists’ spring conference at Loch Lomond: “Even if
this second resolution is passed THIS party will remain steadfastly
opposed to war in Iraq.
“Let me stress this point. The second resolution currently on the table
at the UN does not contain such a mandate.
“And that is why even if THIS second resolution is passed THIS party
will remain steadfastly opposed to war in Iraq.”
The Nats clearly see the strength of anti-war feeling as a way of
winning over disaffected Labour supporters.
Mr Swinney conceded war will happen but, in the words of the Mirror,
“Not in Our Name”.
Branding First Minister Jack McConnell’s Scottish Executive “power
drunk”, he also attacked Labour’s record on public services.
He said: “The people of Scotland can’t wait any longer for Labour to
deliver. Time’s up Jack.
He also pledged to abolish all forms of university tuition fees,
including the graduate tax.
But Labour campaign co-ordinator Patricia Ferguson accused the SNP of
having a “black hole” in the funding of its proposals.
She said: “It beggars belief that they should be making more empty


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