I shopped child porn husband


The Mirror, 30/07/2002, p11

WHEN Lynn Urquhart switched on her husband’s computer while he was on
holiday, never in her wildest dreams did she expect her whole world to
A sick feeling coursed all through her body as she realised the vile
filth before her had been brought into her home by one person – the
father of her children.
And it hit her like a sledge-hammer.
As she gazed unbelievingly at the horde of pornographic photos of
abused kids unfolding before her very eyes, there was only one thing
she could do.
Brave Lynn picked up the phone in her home in Aberdeen and called the
child protection unit of Grampian Police.
The sickened mum, whose husband was holidaying in his native Canada,
also called the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
Soon after, her husband Bruce, the man she had been married to for 21
years, was charged with child porn offences.
The part played by Lynn in the complicated process of snaring her
husband was described by police as “tremendous”.
Yet now she faces yet another nightmare, with the British authoritoies
looking to kick Lynn and her children out of Scotland and back to their
former home in Canada.
But Lynn is determined that she will overcome again and let her kids
grow up in the country they now call home.
The family had moved to Scotland in 1997 so Bruce could trace his
family tree.
Her 46-year-old husband had renewed his own UK residency permit in
October 2000.
But she has now discovered he did not apply for the papers to allow his
family to become UK citizens.
Lynn is now requesting permanent UK residency on compassionate grounds,
but her right to stay runs out tomorrow.
She said: “This is where we call home.
“My daughters think of themselves as Scottish. We had no idea we had
been living in Scotland illegally. Why he did not renew our permits or
take the chance offered to stay in the UK indefinitely I will never
“But I’m going to do anything to remain here. This is our home now.”
Lynn has enlisted the support of her local MP Sir Robert Smith in her
battle to stay in the UK.
She hopes her application to stay here on compassionate grounds will,
at least, delay the deadline while the authorities consider her unique
The civil engineer said: “I’ve got a lot of fight left in me and I know
that if you are fighting on behalf of your children, it makes you a lot
“I’m not going to be drawing any benefits and I can contribute to the
“Please don’t hold what my husband has done against us.”
Last month her husband, a chemical engineer, admitted making child porn
and possessing more than 500 indecent photographs between October 1997
and August last year.
Aberdeen Sheriff Court heard nearly 200 of the pictures were of
children involved in sexual activity with adults or other youngsters.
The court heard that a total of 30,000 pornographic images were found
on Urquhart’s computer after his law-abiding wife contacted the police.
Lynn discovered the vile material at their home in April last year.
Her husband was forced to resign from his high-paying job after he
admitted the offences.
He was described in court as a highly-intelligent man who had become
lonely and frustrated after his marriage ran into difficulties.
Describing his behaviour as “shocking” Sheriff Bowman put Urquhart on
the sex offenders register.
He also imposed two years probation and ordered him to carry out 180
hours community service.


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