I know just how they are feeling

HeadLine: I know just how they are feeling

The Mirror, 16/01/2003, p7

THE MUM of the last on-duty cop to be murdered in Scotland sent an
emotional message of support to DC Stephen Oake’s devastated family
last night.
Gette Fulton, 63, suffered a similar fate when her son, dad-of-one
Lewis, 28, was stabbed to death in 1994 in Glasgow’s Gorbals by
schizophrenic Philip McFadden.
News of Mr Oake’s death brought all the terrible memories flooding back
to her.
Her voice cracking with emotion, Gette, from Cumnock, Ayrshire, told
the Mirror: “I just feel so much for his family.
“The poor souls have lost their husband, son and dad. I’m so angry that
such a thing was allowed to happen again.”
“My heart goes out to them – I know exactly what they are going
On June 17, 1994 PC Lewis Fulton answered a call to an officer in
distress in the Gorbals.
Mr Fulton was stabbed to death by Philip McFadden while assisting other
officers to arrest him.
McFadden was declared unfit to stand trial and was remanded to the
State Hospital at Carstairs.
Gette said last night: “It’s been a really terrible time thinking about
Stephen’s family, mainly his mother.
“She’s lost her son, like I did. The mother bond is a very hard bond to
break. I lost Lewis eight and a half years ago – June 1994 but remember
it like yesterday.”
His wife Christine, 41, is now on the board of the Police Roll of
Honour Trust, compiling an online list of all officers killed on duty.
Gette added: “I couldn’t even phone Christine this morning to find out
how she was. No doubt she had a sleepless night like me.”
“I’m just so sorry for Stephen Oakes family, and his kids who are left,
and even his mum and dad. His dad was chief constable for the Isle of
Man but it makes no difference at all. He’ll be hurting too.”
Gette helped spearhead a campaign to have police officers kitted out
with stab-proof vests after Louis’ death.
Much of the body-armour now sported by officers is a direct result of
Gette’s efforts.
But it doesn’t extend to detectives.


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