I hope she just rots in prison’

HeadLine: ‘I hope she just rots in prison’

The Mirror, 16/12/2003, p13

THE Black Widow’s third husband Richard Thompson described her as “pure
evil” last night.
After the Mirror broke the news of her life sentence, he punched the
air in triumph, and said: “I hope she rots in jail.”
He has always insisted Dena Thompson, who still uses his name, tried to
beat him to death with a baseball bat after tying him up for a bondage
sex session.
She was cleared of attempted murder in August 2000, the year after they
wed, when she claimed he attacked her. But the 43-year-old was jailed
for stealing £12,000 from him and two lovers.
Mr Thompson, 45, added: “To hear she’s been jailed for life is the best
news I’ve ever had. What a Christmas present.
“She’s an evil bitch and I really thought she was going to get away
with it again. After all, she conned people into believing her instead
of me.
“Maybe people will now believe what I told them. She is a killer.”
Mr Thompson, a project manager of Littlehampton, West Sussex, has
followed the case ever since police re-opened the Julian Webb murder
He added: “I thought she was going to get off again. She was spinning
the same old lies and stories.
“Reading about her case was like going through it all over again. The
evidence was almost a carbon copy of my case. I’m just so happy justice
has caught up with her.”
Julian Webb’s mother Rosemary last night described Dena Thompson as
“dishonest, untruthful, manipulative, deceitful and scheming”.
Mrs Webb, of Hayling Island, Hants, said: “The circumstances
surrounding Julian’s death have been a source of great pain to me and
my family. Only one person knows what really happened, and she’s not
Mrs Webb, a teacher, said Julian, her only child who died on his 31st
birthday, would “never have committed suicide”.
She added: “One thing is clear, his last day was very unpleasant.
“But she’s not prepared to relieve our pain.”


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