I didn’t kill my 7 babies, I think of them every day


The Mirror, 07/03/2003, p3

A WOMAN being probed over the deaths of her seven babies said
yesterday: “I’m no killer. I think about them every day.”
Hours later Roberta Bibby, 60, tried to kill herself with an overdose
of up to 28 anti-depressants.
Last night, she was seriously ill but stable in intensive care.
Her children, all thought to be under two, died in the 60s and 70s from
what was originally believed to be cot death or natural causes.
At the time police took no action. They re-opened the case after
receiving fresh evidence.
Sources said they were examining eight deaths, though the exact number
had not been confirmed. Mrs Bibby, of Livingston, outside Edinburgh,
denied she ever confessed to killing her children.
She said: “I didn’t harm my babies. They all died of natural causes and
death certificates prove it. You never forget losing your kiddies.
“They were hard times then, but I didn’t kill them. I can’t believe
anyone can think I’ve done wrong.” Last night her third husband, Peter,
was at her side in St John’s Hospital, Livingston. He said: “I’ve no
idea where all this is coming from.
“She said she was going to lie down. I tried to wake her, then saw
tablets on the floor. I thought she was gone.”
Police confirmed they were preparing to quiz Mrs Bibby. A spokesman
said: “The inquiry is likely to be prolonged. This is a complex and
sensitive case.”


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