Hunt for depraved cat killer


The Mirror, 06/08/2002, p22

A SICK thug who strangled a kitten with electrical wire before dumping
it in a river was being hunted last night.
Animal welfare chiefs believe the helpless moggie was tied to a brick
and thrown from a bridge. The dead cat was later spotted by a
Inspectors from the SSPCA abseiled down from the bridge over the South
Esk river at Dalkeith, Midlothian, to pull the pet to shore.
A cable had been tied round the kitten’s neck and was thought to have
been attached to a brick.Experts are trying work out the motive behind
the sickening act.
SSPCA spokesman Doreen Graham said: “We have three main theories why
this has happened.
“It could be the result of domestic violence where an abusive partner
carried out a threat to harm the family pet.
“An angry neighbour may have taken revenge on next door’s cat for
messing in his or her garden once too often.
“We could also be looking at kids thinking it was a joke. Whatever the
reason, the law has been broken.
“This animal would have struggled terribly both before being thrown off
the bridge and again in the water before it died.
“There is a particularly malicious and sick feel to this incident and
we are appealing to anyone out there to help us track down and
prosecute the person responsible.”
Inspector Penny Johnston abseiled down the river bank to pull the body
of the dark brown and black kitten from the water.
She said: “It was easily visible floating in the river and passers-by
were shocked by what they saw.
“To tie a brick round an animal’s neck and chuck it off a bridge is
simply unacceptable.”
Pet campaigner Yvonne Taylor, of Edinburgh-based Advocates for Animals,
added: “This is a decidedly callous act of cruelty.
“The person who did this obviously has no regard for the welfare of
If caught, the twisted cat-killer could face a maximum fine of £5,000,
as well as six months in prison and a lifetime ban on keeping animals.
SSPCA chiefs are also trying to track down a driver who threw a cat
from the boot of his car and into a field in Bilston, Midlothian.
Shocked builders working nearby called the SSPCA after watching the man
hurl the terrified puss then drive off.


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