Hoops super heroes sign up X-men

HeadLine: Hoops super heroes sign up X-men

The Mirror, 13/05/2002, p4

WANTAWAY football champioms Celtic are on course to be superheroes – by
signing the X-Men.
Comic writer Mark Millar has admitted to the Daily Mirror that he’s
cheekily kitted out the crime-fighters in the famous green and white
hoops for the next edition of their magazine.
And the writer, from Coatbridge, Lanarkshire, indulged in more artistic
licence by making the bad guys wear Rangers gear.
Mark, 32, said: “I’ve actually got the X-Men wearing Celtic tops in the
next issue.
“I also had the villain in a Rangers’ top – I managed to wangle the
story in such a way by getting the X-Men to do a world tour.
“It also turns out that the head of the X-Men, Professor X, has a box
at Parkhead.”
He was asked by comic giants Marvel to revamp their action comics after
giving a facelift to Superman at rivals DC Comics.
And although a number of companies have tried to woo him Stateside, he
refuses to budge from his native Lanarkshire for the sake of his
He said: “Marvel offered me a visa and we looked around, but my
daughter’s gran is here, and we thought it was no big deal to stay as
long as I can commute.
“So, now I live between here and the States.
“This year I have spent quite a lot of time away – a week or two every
month, but thanks to the internet you can live anywhere.
“If you live in Los Angeles, every day is meetings and you are
constantly on your mobile phone. I hate the things.
“I like Scotland. I like living here and I would rather my kid grew up
with a Scottish accent.
“I still like really having the football and the pub – things like


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