Hong Kong Flew-y


The Mirror, 25/05/2002, p1

SCOTLAND rookie Jamie McFadden missed the team flight home last night –
after a Hong Kong booze-up.
He got on the wrong side of boss Berti Vogts when he didn’t turn up at
the squad’s hotel after the night out.
Security chief Willie McDougall was forced to scour the streets looking
for the wayward star before he finally turned up. McDougall even acted
as chaperone as grim-faced Motherwell kid McFadden sheepishly checked
in for a later flight.
Now he faces a tense wait to find out if strict disciplinarian Vogts
will end his brief international career.
The drama came just hours after boss Vogts let his young charges loose
to unwind after their 4-0 win over a Hong Kong league select.
Security chief McDougall had earlier claimed he and McFadden missed the
flight because airline KLM had only provided 40 seats for the party
instead of 42.
But SFA spokesman Andy Mitchell said on the team’s return to Glasgow
Airport last night: “We assume James slept in, he never returned to the
“All the players were allowed out last night for a drink and, when we
met at 9am for the flight, James was not there.
“We will be speaking to him when he gets back but, at the moment, we
don’t know if any disciplinary action will be taken.”


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