He hasn’t had a girlfriend for six years


The Mirror, 29/05/2004, p5

BIG Brother stud Jason Cowan hasn’t had a proper girlfriend for six
years, the Mirror can reveal.
His fear of rejection prevents him chatting up girls, pals said.
But he’s lived a life of “fun-time Frankie” with a string of one-night
stands according to best friend Alan Strachan, .
Alan said: “He’s the kind of guy who’s never chatted up a woman in his
life, but always gets chatted up.
“He always gets to do the deed, but it’s the ladies who come after him
because of his magnetism.
“They are just blown away by his physique and presence – he is just
awesome in their eyes.”
Jason’s last long-term relationship was when he was aged just 24, and
left him heartbroken.
He lived with a stunning single mum and helped raise her toddler son.
But the relationship fizzled out after they moved in together, leaving
him with a bruised heart.
Alan said: “There was one girl who just captured his heart – and I
think even now he still misses her.
“But it was all a bit too much too soon, and eventually he ended it
after a year.”
* ARE you Jason’s lost love or do you know who she is? Call our Big
Brother hotline on 0141 309 3500.


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