Guilt plea on chef’s girl crash charge

HeadLine: Guilt plea on chef’s girl crash charge

The Mirror, 20/11/2002, p15

A JOYRIDER who crippled the daughter of a celebrity chef pleaded guilty
in court yesterday.
Kevin Sands, 19, admitted dangerous driving on February 4 this year.
Sands escaped without injury but Clare Taylor, the only child of
celebrity chef Clare Connery, suffered extensive head and impact
injures in the crash.
Sands also admitted stealing a red R-Reg Ford Escort in Haddington
Sheriff Court.
He pleaded not guilty to failing to stop after an accident, failing to
report an accident and attempting to pervert the course of justice by
lying to two policemen hours after the crash.
The court heard how Sands drove up a blind summit at 40mph and collided
with a blue Ford Escort driven by Miss Taylor.
The 28-year-old will need 24 hour care for the rest of her life.
Sands left her for dead and fled across fields after colliding with the
car she was driving near Haddington, East Lothian, Scotland.
He only stopped to peer through the window of his victim’s mangled car
and later admitted he thought he had killed her.
She would have died in the wreckage – but an ambulance crew happened to
pass her car about 30 minutes after the crash and saved her life.
Sands was caught three days later when police traced a bottle of Iron
Bru found in the stolen car to a shop in the area and seized CCTV tapes
which showed him in the store.
Traces of DNA found on the airbag connected Sands to the crime.
Clare’s mum, from Strangford, Co Down, has given up her work and moved
to Scotland with her partner Bruce to look after her daughter.


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